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  • What is a TIG torch?

    A TIG torch is an essential tool that TIG welders should possess. In TIG welding an electric torch is used to pass current to the welding arc. Torches used in TIG come in different kinds. As a TIG welder, you should buy a TIG torch that best suits your needs.

  • welding torch cart

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  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Safety Inspection Checklist Gas ...

    24. When the use of torch/welding gas equipment is suspended, is the gas/fuel supply shut off and removed from confined space? 25. Are the oxygen and fuel gas lines using cylinder, regulator, hose, torch each protected with a reverse flow check valve and flash arrestor on each hose at regulator or at the torch? 10.D.07. 26.

  • Preventing torch fires in welding and cutting operations

    Jul 15, 2008 · Companies that perform welding and cutting take plenty of precautions to prevent torch fires. Welders wear flame-resistant materials. Much of the time welding or cutting is done in areas designated specifically for it. And safety blankets, curtains, and pads are available to protect combustibles.

  • Basics of Oxyacetylene Torch - Safety & Security Tips | WIC

    Oxyacetylene torch safety. The two main aspects related to oxyacetylene torches are safety procedures and safety equipment. The rays and sparks from torches can lead to loss of sight, inhalation of fume causing lung damage, accidents causing burns, or fires. Watch Video: Oxyacetylene torch safety by Welder Expert

  • NASD - Gas Welding Safety

    It is important to weld using safety precautions. There are many dangers related to welding. During the training session have personal protective equipment available to show and for employees to try on. Background Most farms and small shops have some type of equipment for welding and cutting metals. Acetylene is the most commonly used fuel gas.

  • Can You Weld With A Butane Torch? –

    A welding torch is different from a butane torch in many ways and is built for a specific purpose. But what if a butane torch is the only thing you have lying around the house? Can you use a butane torch for welding? No, a butane torch is not powerful enough to be used for welding.

  • How hot is a welding torch flame?

    Welding torches typically use oxygen and acetylene (hence the name "oxyacetylene torch") because together they produce flames ranging from 5000 degrees Fahrenheit to 6000 degrees Fahrenheit (2760 degrees Celsius to 3316 degrees Celsius). In fact, the oxyacetylene combination produces hotter flames than any other gas combinations.

  • Oxygen And Acetylene Use And Safety - Virginia

    Backfires occur when the torch flame burns back into the torch tip and is extinguished with a loud pop. They occur either because the torch tip touched the work or because of insufficient gas pressure. They are generally harmless, however,backfires can turn into flashbacks!


    Before welding, verify torch head is firmly attached to the torchbody. Do not wrap water-cooled torch hoses and power cables togetherwith tape or plastic wire ties. Wrapping restricts water flow whichcan cause power cable to overheat and torch hose to burst. Replace worn, damaged, or cracked torches or cables.

  • Oxy-acetylene Torch Safety - Lucas-Milhaupt

    May 30, 2013 · In addition to gloves, eye protection, and related safety gear, let's discuss these important elements: Cylinders - Oxygen and acetylene are kept in separate cylinders and not combined until the torch tip is ignited. Oxygen cylinders, typically painted green, contain oxygen compressed up to 2,200 psi (pounds per square inch).

  • Welding, Cutting, and Brazing - Occupational Safety and ...

    Welding, cutting, and brazing is addressed in specific OSHA standards for general industry, maritime, and construction. This section highlights OSHA standards and documents related to welding, cutting, and brazing. 1910 Subpart I App B, Nonmandatory Compliance Guidelines for Hazard Assessment and Personal Protective Equipment Selection.

  • Cutting Torch - Tips for Oxygen Acetylene Cutting - YouTube a cutting torch is serious stuff. Its pretty Safe when used properly, but not safe at all w...

  • Cutting Torch Safety - Welding Tips and Tricks

    A cutting torch is sometimes also called an oxy fuel torch. oxy fuel is a generic term that encompasses all fuel gases like propane, propylene, acetylene, natural gas, mapp gas, or any other fuel gas. Learning about fire triangles can be pretty boring but using a cutting torch safely requires a good understanding of combustion.

  • What is a combination welding cutting torch?

    What is a combination welding-cutting torch? A torch that can have a cutting head, welding tip, or a heating tip. State one advantage of owning a combination welding-cutting torch as opposed to just having a cutting torch.

  • Welding Safety & Welding Hazards | SafetyCulture

    Apr 23, 2021 · Welding safety measures are designed to protect employees from welding hazards. Welding safety can be implemented by conducting proper training, inspecting welding equipment, and ensuring workers are aware of safety precautions before performing welding activities to minimize the risk of health and safety injuries.

  • 1926.350 - Gas welding and cutting. | Occupational Safety and ...

    Cylinders shall be kept far enough away from the actual welding or cutting operation so that sparks, hot slag, or flame will not reach them. When this is impractical, fire resistant shields shall be provided. 1926.350 (b) (2) Cylinders shall be placed where they cannot become part of an electrical circuit.

  • Cutting Torch Safety - Welding Tips and Tricks

    Safe operation for the use of gas cutting, heating and welding requires a clear understanding of oxy fuel cutting torch equipment and the fundamentals of combustion. But lets cut through all the Bullshit shall we? An Oxy fuel cutting torch can kill your Ass! plain and simple. Its probably the most dangerous piece of welding equipment there is.

  • The Hot Facts About Welding and Cutting Safety - Safety ...

    After the torch cools off, it can be examined and repaired. Finally, never set a torch down — even for a few moments — unless the oxygen and gases have been shut off. Arc welding and cutting safety The nature of arc welding cutting creates additional safety hazards, primarily due to the intensity of the electric current used to perform the ...

  • What is a 'welder' and what is a 'torch'?

    A welding torch is a mechanical tool that fuses an open flame with gas fuel and oxygen to melt two pieces of metal together, creating a tight seam. This torch is used for many purposes and in many industries. Two of the most common varieties are metal inert gas (MIG) and tungsten inert gas (TIG) welders.

  • Flashback Arrestor Toolbox Talk | Environment, Health and Safety

    Preventing Welding Flashback Oxy-acetylene torches have been used for many years for cutting, welding, brazing, and heating of metals. The equipment used today is safe, but every year, hundreds of employees are injured or die as a result of improper use. Knowledge and precautions can prevent fires and violent explosions.

  • Victor Torch Safety - YouTube

    There are indeed hazards when it comes to using oxy-fuel equipment, so you must be familiar with them to prevent on the job accidents. Flashback Arrestors ar...