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  • How does water jet work?

    How a Waterjet Works. A waterjet generates propulsive thrust from the reaction created when water is forced in a rearward direction. It works in relation to Newton’s Third Law of Motion – “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. A good example of this is the recoil felt on the shoulder when firing a rifle,...

  • What is a water jet cutting system?

    Waterjet cutting machine, also known as waterjet or water jet cutter, is an industrial tool applying waterjet technology to cut a variety of metals, non-metal materials and intricate composite materials with a jet of water. Waterjet cutting is one of the applications of high-pressure waterjet technologies.

  • How much water can a jet take?

    A one-line or single-line jet pump can only lift water about 7.5 meters or 25 feet. A two line jet pump of the same horsepower will have no trouble lifting water 60 feet. Finally, the larger pump will deliver a faster water flow rate in liters per minute, but

  • $7,999 Desktop Waterjet Cutter - Order Now |‎

    The first desktop waterjet. Now cut anything with digital precision using high pressure water. A compact waterjet for every workshop. SPECS FAQ VIDEOS. Lead Times: 110v / 60 Hz : Ships in 30 to 60 Days 220v / 50 Hz : Ships in 30-60 Days.

  • What does water jet mean?

    Water jet. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Water jet may refer to: A jet of water under pressure, like in an ornamental fountain. Pump-jet, a marine propulsion mechanism for jetskis and other types of boats.

  • Small Format/Entry Level - KMT Waterjet

    MultiCam, small format abrasive waterjet machine, table size of 5' x 5’ to 80" x 120", rapid traverse of 1,200 IPM, the MultiCam V Series Waterjet provides quality performance and reliable cutting. Excellent entry level machine for automotive parts fabrication, job shops, sign making and foam cutting. The V-Series CNC Waterjet also comes with ...