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  • Duramax Machine Torch Cut Charts for the Powermax45 (810050 ...

    Duramax Machine Torch Cut Charts for the Powermax45 Powermax45 Cut Charts Guide 810050 3 Using the cut charts Use the cut charts in this document: Only for Duramax® machine torches on the Powermax45 As a starting point Adjust the variables in the cut charts as needed to achieve optimal results for your cutting equipment and environment.

  • size for cutting nozzle, size for cutting nozzle Suppliers ... offers 1,632 size for cutting nozzle products. About 4% of these are Water Jet Cutters, 4% are Cleaning Equipment Parts, and 3% are Laser Equipment Parts. A wide variety of size for cutting nozzle options are available to you, such as condition, key selling points, and local service location.

  • Oxy-Fuel Torch Tip/Nozzle Design and Selection

    Part 1 of a 2 part series. When designing or selecting an oxy-fuel machine torch cutting nozzle/tip one must consider several factors. The following are several, but not all, items to be considered 1) thickness of the steel to be cut, 2) type cutting bore (cylindrical bore or high speed/divergent bore), 3) preheat gas to be used, 4) type cutting to be conducted (shape cutting, bevel cutting ...

  • Cutting Nozzle - Buy LPG, PNME Gas Cutting Nozzle Online in India

    For most popular options, you can checkout Asha 3012729014 N.M Cutting Nozzle Acetylene and Jayshri J008 Size 3/64 Gas Cutting Nozzles A Type which top the popularity chart. With the wide variety on offer at reasonable rates, you can be sure of a great online shopping experience at Industrybuying.

  • Opening and Closing procedures on gas cutting equipment

    The correct nozzle selection is very important and is determined in this case by pipe sizes. You should have a chart supplied by your specific brazing equipment supplier. A slightly bigger nozzle size is preferable to a slightly too small a nozzle size. The following table represents a sample chart of a supplier's recommendation with regard to ...

  • What kind of nozzle is used to cut steel?

    Echoing this, it is the device at the piping tip of commonly used oxy-acetylene flame used for cutting steel. The small metallic part that dispenses the flame. There is a variety of gas cutting nozzle types in the market. Each is chosen depending on the size, torch type, material, bore diameter, thickness to be cut, and the pressure of oxygen.

  • What is cutting kerf? - ESAB Welding & Cutting

    When cutting parts on a CNC plasma or laser machine, you want to produce accurate cut parts, with final dimensions as close as possible to the programmed shape. So if you program a 6” by 6” square, and the plasma arc removes 0.200” of material, as it cuts, then the resulting part is going to be 5.8” by 5.8”.

  • Running Cost Spreadsheet Help - Laser engineering - Eng-Tips

    Aug 20, 2012 · With 1 bar and a nozzle of 1.5mm, oxygen flow is about 85 ft3/h or 2407 l/h, or about 40 l/min. So if it takes 1 min to cut the part, you would use about 40 l of gas oxygen. 1 liter of liquid oxygen will expand to about 800 liters of gas oxygen. So your cost would be about 0.55p/800 * 40 = 0.03p

  • How to choose fiber laser cutting machine nozzles:Charry ...

    Jan 14, 2019 · The most widely used conical nozzles are divided into single-layer nozzles and double-layer nozzles. Single spray. 1. Generally for melt cutting, using nitrogen or air as auxiliary gas. 2, for precision, high surface requirements for fine cutting. For cutting stainless steel and aluminum alloys with nitrogen or air. Double spray.

  • Cut charts - Plasma Automation

    4-12 HPR260 Auto Gas Instruction Manual 5 Cut charts The following Cut charts show the consumable parts, cutting speeds and the gas and torch settings required for each process. The numbers shown in the Cut charts are recommended to provide high-quality cuts with minimal dross. Because of


    AFN CUTTING NOZZLE Size Code Cutting Thickness (mm) Oxygen Pressure (Bar) Acetylene Pressure (Bar) Length (mm) AFN-1 10-100370 1-3 1.0 0.5 51 AFN-2 10-100371 3-8 1.5 0.5 51 AFN-3 10-100372 8-20 2.0 0.5 51 • Use with Afrox type portapak cutting attachment • Use with oxygen & acetylene gases SWAGED WELDING NOZZLE Size Code Material Thickness ...

  • Gas Nozzles, Gas Nozzles Manufacturers, Suppliers & Dealers

    Find here listing of gas nozzles manufacturers, gas nozzles suppliers, dealers & exporters offering gas nozzles at best price. Get wide range of gas nozzles offered by listed companies in India.

  • How big is a heating gas cutting nozzle?

    CUTTING NOZZLES ANM SHORT PATTERN 6 heating holes, 76 mm long. USE: Acetylene fuel gas. Art. Nr. Range Size Quantity 0768554 (10132)3 - 6 mm size 1/32” 1 0768555 (10364)5 - 12 mm size 3/64” 1 0768556 (10116)10 - 75 mm size 1/16” 1 0768557 (10564)70 - 100 mm size 5/64” 1

  • The Ultimate Guide to Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    The choice of cutting gas and pressure has a great impact on laser cutting quality. The main function of cutting gas: combustion and heat dissipation, in a timely manner to blow off the welding of the stains, to prevent cutting stains upward into the nozzle, protect the focus lens. Effect of cutting gas and pressure on cutting quality

  • Welding & Heating Nozzles/Tips - Gas and Supply

    Fuel Gas A Type MFTA Series RTE Size: 3 Series W Series TEN Size: 3 0.060 0.060 0.060 Flame orifice size the same for all nozzle series Oxy-Acetylene & Oxy-Hydrogen Application Torch Series Nozzle Type Available Sizes Illustration General purpose welding & heating. Uses replaceable tip ends. Flame characteristic – Long cone 315FC H 315FC RTE ...

  • Constant Flow Mechanical Systems – Valves, Jets, Parts, Filters

    A constant flow system uses a mechanical fuel pump to increase/decrease the supply flow to the injection unit directly related to engine rpm. This variable flow creates pressure against the fixed orifices of the main bypass jet and the nozzles. Using a barrel valve assembly the idle and the part throttle fuel rate is controlled.

  • Oxy-Fuel Gas Cutting

    Cutting Nozzles Cutting Nozzle Data The nozzle is the “Business End” of Gas Cutting: Using low quality, or damaged nozzles can be compared to cutting cloth with blunt scissors. Magnificent, expensive cutting machines cannot perform if poor quality cutting nozzles are used. BOC strives continually to improve nozzle design to

  • How big of a nozzle do I need for a welding nozzle?

    Nozzle type PNM / PNME using 6.3mm x 10m fitted hose with resettable flashback arrestors in new condition. Pressure & consumption rates are based using the nozzle size listed next to it cutting the thickest material in the metal thickness column. PNM-E Cutting Nozzles Ordering Information

  • Gas Cutting Nozzle at Best Price in India

    Call +91-7971388975. Contact Supplier Request a quote. B Type Copper Gas Cutting Nozzle, 10 Pcs ₹ 105/ Piece. Get Quote. Gas Cutting Nozzle. ₹ 90/ Piece Get Latest Price. Being a quality oriented organization, we offer a wide range of Gas Cutting Nozzle, which is manufactured by using high grade techniques.

  • Optimisation of the cutting quality with nozzle and process ...

    You can choose from two different nozzle types, with either a diameter of 2.0 or 4.0 mm. Depending on the nozzle diameter, different effects are achieved. For replacing the cutting nozzles, please either switch off the laser system or use the tool changeover mode (F4).

  • 13 in 1 Gas Welding Tip Nozzle Cleaner Set For ...

    Triple Flint Striker is safe and effortless to use for welding torches, bunsen burners, camping, gas appliances and stoves. Used to clean Welding and cutting nozzles to restore nozzle performance. Contains a Range of Round Files in a Metal Carry Case. Metal Carry Case Size : Approx : 10.2cm x 2.2cm x 1.1cm/ 4.02" x 0.87" x 0.43".

  • Cutting Nozzles, Arcnm Rivet Cutting Nozzle, Agnm Gouging ...

    Home. » Cutting Nozzles for gas cutting torch are available for FUEL viz. Acetylene (DA) and LPG. » Cutting nozzles for Acetylene are known as ANM nozzles while cutting nozzles for LPG are known as PNM nozzles. » Different sizes of cutting nozzles are used for cutting metal of different thickness. ANME LONG PATTERN.

  • Buy Gas Cutting Nozzle India | Gas Cutting Nozzle Types

    1. A – Type Nozzle. This type of nozzle is meant for use in a two-seat blow pipe cutting flame. It is supplied as a two piece. It is mostly used with liquefied petroleum gas as the preheating gas. A-type is made with different bore diameter to produce a cutting of desired thickness or width. Below is a table showing the different bore ...

  • Gas Cutting Nozzle - Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

    Being a quality oriented organization, we offer a wide range of Gas Cutting Nozzle, which is manufactured by using high grade techniques. We assure that our clients remain satisfied from our qualitative product range. Our offered range of Gas Cutting Nozzle is precisely designed and engineered by the team of experts. We strive

  • Four Steps to Proper Nozzle Selection - ESAB

    Choose Size: Select size recommended for thickness of steel to be cut. Oversize nozzles waste gas. Use oxygen pressure recommended for nozzle. Nozzle Selection ANM PNM ® Cutting Nozzles. Hard drawn, electrolytic, tough pitch copper used in one-piece nozzles – withstands heat and wear – outlasts any copper alloy nozzle

  • Gas-Cutting: Process, Techniques and Advantages | Welding

    1. Gas Cutting Torch: A specially designed gas cutting torch is shown in Fig. 7.43. The tip of the cutting torch has a larger centre opening from which a jet of oxygen comes to cut the metal. This central opening surrounded by a set of orifices (generally four) which supply the oxygen-acetylene mixture for pre-heating.

  • CUTTING NOZZLES ANM TYPE - Weldability | Sif

    Weldability offer ANM nozzles in sizes 1/32 to 1/8, as detailed below. These cutting nozzles connect to an HD (Type 3, 4 or 5) cutting attachment (BB5002), which connects to a shank (BB5001).

  • What kind of nozzle for gas cutting torch?

    » Cutting Nozzles for gas cutting torch are available for FUEL viz. Acetylene (DA) and LPG » Cutting nozzles for Acetylene are known as ANM nozzles while cutting nozzles for LPG are known as PNM nozzles. » Different sizes of cutting nozzles are used for cutting metal of different thickness

  • How to Use a Cutting Torch Tip Chart | The Harris Products Group

    The Harris Cutting Tip Chart contains information on tip style/size selection, oxygen gas pressure settings (pre-heat flame and cutting stream), cutting oxygen gas orifice (center hole) sizing, fuel gas pressure settings, hose size recommendation, travel speed (machine cutting) and cut quality illustrations.

  • The science behind the GMAW nozzle

    Nov 22, 2019 · Welding Nozzle Sizes . Conical and bottleform nozzles are available from 3⁄8 up to 7⁄8 in. Cylindrical, or straight, welding nozzles usually are available only in larger bore sizes. Whatever welding nozzle shape you decide on, use the largest bore size possible without compromising accessibility to the weld joint.