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  • How much does a minute of plasma cutting cost?

    Location: Lodi, CA. I was wondering how some of the other members price their plasma work. I have been using the following guidelines below. $ .33 per cut inch. + $ .15 per pierce point. Factors in consumable replacement cost. + $ 1.67 per minute of cutting based on $100.00 per hour for machine. + Material cost. + CAD, scanning, @ $55.00 per hour.

  • What can a punch plasma cutting table be used for?

    Punch-plasma machines commonly are used for the same applications as traditional plasma or laser cutting machine tables. Punch-plasma machines use plasma cutting to contour the external geometry of the part and a punching cylinder with tooling to create internal features.

  • Calculate Plasma Cost - LinuxCNC

    Now multiply the linear inches cut x the cut cost per inch listed. above 40.82 x .0528 = $2.16 cutting cost. 5. Add your selling price per part from 3 above to your cutting cost per part from. 4 $9.25 + $2.16 = $11.41. So, under the conditions above I have come up with a selling price of $11.41 for an.

  • Malaysia CNC Plasma Cutting Machines Supplier, Johor

    Malaysia CNC Plasma Cutting Machines Supplier, Johor. MYTH 1 - IT IS EXPENSIVE? Plasma systems are higher priced than some other cutting tools. But there is a difference between price and cost. Plasma systems' fast cutting speeds and superior cut quality deliver productivity gains, saving operators time and money.

  • How big is a CNC Plasma cutting machine?

    Advances in torch, consumable and power supply design have allowed plasma engineers to deliver systems that provide more cutting power and thicker cutting capacity - as much as 1.75" (44 mm) or more - even as system sizes have shrunk and duty cycles climbed. MYTH 3 - IT IS ONLY FOR STAINLESS STEEL?

  • How to price your CNC Plasma Cutting work (tips & tricks ...

    Most mechanic shops are $80 to $120 an hour. Every area of the country is different. Competition in your area will also be a factor. I have found that this is a great and easy way to quote. Artwork / CAD Time – For doing artwork design, and CAD time, Desert Fabworks charges $60 per hour and bills in 15 min increments.

  • cutting time cost per hr. ? -

    i charge $80.00 per hr with an hour min. Always let the customer know that the first design will take longer and custom has a min of 2hr. 1hr for design and one for cut machine setup. also i charge material used not actual size. by that i mean if i use most of a half of a sheet i charge for all of it.

  • How much does a plasma laser machine cost?

    Also, if you are comparing against waterjet and laser, then you are talking about a real CNC machine, and not a low-cost, entry-level, garage-shop type of machine, so it’s going to start closer to $50,000. For the purposes of this article we’ll assume that a plasma would range between $50, and $100,000.

  • CNC Plasma Cutters, Plasma cutting system Supplier Malaysia

    Plasma cutting is by far the simplest and most economical way to cut a variety of metal shapes accurately. Plasma cutters can cut much finer, faster and more automatically than oxy-acetylene torches. Because of their effectiveness, plasma cutters especially CNC Plasma Cutters threaten to obsolete a large number of conventional metal working tools.